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​​​Members and Cadets at 2015 Volunteer Banquet

​​​​​​​​Our volunteer department is located in the rural southeast corner of Thurston County. We serve a local community of approximately 4,190 citizens. We provide fire suppression and basic life support emergency medical services. We also provide and receive mutual aid from neighboring fire districts within Thurston County. Our primary station is located along Bald Hill Road in front of Lackamas Elementary School.

Three elected officials who comprise the Board of Fire Commissioners govern our Fire District. They serve as policymakers and provide guidance to the Fire Chief. They oversee and approve expenditures and serve as the voice of our citizens and our department. They represent us on several boards and committees. Our fire commissioners also serve as volunteers within the department and are able to observe firsthand the level of service provided to our citizens.

The department is lead by a full-time paid Fire Chief. The Fire Chief is responsible for administration and operations of our Department. The department is served by a part-time Deputy Chief and three volunteer shift lieutenants and an volunteer EMS Officer as well. The department employs a District Secretary who performs the administrative functions assigned by the Board and those of the department.

2012 saw the return of our Fire Explorer Cadet program. The program provides the opportunity for young men and women to learn the fundamentals of emergency services. They also learn teamwork, personal accountability, confidence, and leadership skills.

The foundation of this department is our volunteers and their families. Our department is and shall remain a volunteer organization. We are dedicated to the protection of lives, property and the environment through service, compassion and professionalism. Being a volunteer requires numerous hours of initial and on-going training. They endeavor to meet training requirements and performance standards that make no distinction between paid or volunteer personnel.​​