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​​WSRB Protection Class Letter

WSRB Tender Credit Letter

What is it?

Most insurance companies use the FPC (Fire Protection Classification) to establish fire insurance rates for your home or business. The Washington Survey and Rating Bureau (WSRB) sets the FPC based on risk factors and the abilities of the fire department. With the major improvements we have made over the past several years, the WSRB lowered our classification from a 6 to a 5 for areas with hydrants!

How did we achieve a lower rating?

Your deparment continues to improve and enhance our response services. Careful planning and continued dedication have allowed us to improve and expand our fleet of emergency response apparatus. This has reduced the time it takes us to respond to your emergency. The amount and level of training and certifications our responders achieve was also a critical factor.​

​​​​What is Tender Credit?

Tender Credit apply to dwellings not having a standard fire hidrant within 1,000 feet.  Dwellings within our community that meet this condition that are within five road miles of a responding station will receive a FPC 6 rating and dwellings within seven road miles of a responding station will receive a FPC 9 rating.